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  • Are Your Listings Being Properly Marketed?

    August 05, 2014

    Since El Paso is located on the border and we are part of 2 countries and 3 states, it’s not surprising that our real estate transactions have a tendency to blend together.  It’s important to note that in order to help a client buy or sell, rent or manage real estate in Texas or New Mexico, one must be licensed to do those things in each state.  CENTURY 21 APD Associates is a licensed brokerage in both states, and we have Realtors that are licensed in both Texas and New Mexico. 

     The Las Cruces Board of Realtors and the Southern New Mexico MLS services the area of New Mexico that borders El Paso, which includes Sunland Park, Anthony, and Santa Teresa, among others.  Recently the Las Cruces Board of Realtors and the Southern New Mexico Multiple Listing Service made it mandatory that if a brokerage is a member of the SNMLS, each New Mexico licensed agent at that brokerage must also be a member of the SNMLS or that agent must let their New Mexico license go inactive. 

     The SNMLS is how agents in Southern New Mexico market their listings to eachother.  This is also the way that listings are sent out to top websites like Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, and more.

     Being a member the El Paso and Las Cruces MLS  is a significant increase in the cost of doing business for the individual agent because they now have to pay dues to both the SNMLS and the El Paso MLS  if they want to properly service clients living in those communities that are outside the boundary of El Paso, Texas, but geographically closer to El Paso than Las Cruces.

     There is a way around this fee which other brokerages in El Paso have begun to do, but which we feel is a disservice to the public.  If the brokerage is not a member of the SNMLS, then the agents at that brokerage that are licensed in New Mexico do not have to be members of the SNMLS  either.  So other brokerages in El Paso have dropped their membership from the SNMLS to save the cost.  But this means that those brokerages no longer have access to the information available on the Las Cruces MLS and any listings they take in those areas will not be marketed on the Las Cruces MLS.

     If you are selling your real estate in one of the affected communities, do you want it listed on BOTH the El Paso MLS and the Las Cruces MLS?  If so, then you need to hire a brokerage that is a member of BOTH the Las Cruces and El Paso MLS. You need to hire Century 21 APD Associates.

     And even if you don’t have property in one of the affected areas, keep in mind that CENTURY 21 APD Associates would never cut costs by decreasing service.  It costs more money to have an international franchise like CENTURY 21, a FULL TIME Property Management Department, a full service staff of 12 to help our Associates, clients, and customers, a centrally located office, state-of-the-art websites, and memberships in both the El Paso Board of Realtors and the Las Cruces SNMLS and different Professional and Trade Organizations, but it is all worth it to provide our clients, customers, and Associates the highest level of service. 

     The CENTURY 21 APD Associates motto for 40 years has been “TEAMWORK: It’s the way we do business!”  We had the team thing going on before teams in Real Estate offices was a thing.