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  • Exploring the City of El Paso- Aztec Caves Hike

    January 03, 2014

    Do you love the outdoors?  Do you yearn to get out of the city and experience the sounds of nature?  Guess what?  You can do all of that here in El Paso by taking a quick drive to the Franklin Mountain State Park.  There are a lot of different trails to hike but one I want to feature today is the Aztec Caves hike.  Its about .72 miles in and the park rates it as a moderate hike.  The path is well traveled but it's always smart to go with a friend in case a situation arises.  Once inside the caves, you can marvel at the sites and sounds around you.   The park is open 7 days a week, weather permitting, and the gates stay open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.   Click here to view more information on Franklin Mountains State Park.   The cost is $5 a person.  Kids 12 & under are free.