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  • Investing in Real Estate

    June 24, 2013

    If you’ve ever thought about investing in real estate as a side business, now is a very good time to get in the game.  Remember there is no such thing as a guaranteed money-maker and with every investment comes risk.  But because interest rates are very low right now and rents are going up, in many cases it is possible to carry a low interest mortgage on a rental property such that the rent more than pays for the expenses. 

    No, we’re not talking about flipping houses!  Flipping real estate is a very high risk, very high stress activity.  What you see on TV is not real life!!!

    Serious real estate investors buy properties and hold them long term.  This is low risk real estate investing with the potential to make you a tidy sum of money over time.  It does take some money to make more money and you need to make sure you have adequate cash on hand in case of repairs that need to be made or temporary vacancies.  We can help you analyze your finances and show you how it may be possible for you to own rental property.  Call us (915-779-5611 or 915-584-2100) and ask to speak to one of our experts in real estate investing.

    There are multiple ways investing in real estate pays you.  There is more than just the rent value to consider!  Just remember LAID EP:  Leverage, Appreciation, Income, Depreciation, Equity Build Up, and Pride of Ownership.  These are the 6 building blocks of residential real estate as an investment. 

    CENTURY 21 APD manages over 800 SFR (Single Family Residential) and apartments in the El Paso area and we are experiencing a strong rental market with high occupancy rates.  It is a great time to become a real estate investor in El Paso.  For a very reasonable fee we can even manage your investment so that you don’t have to worry about the typical stress of being a landlord.  This service makes it possible for even out-of-town investors to own a piece of the Sun City, too!

    --The APDetails