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  • Roof Leaks In El Paso...An Overview

    July 12, 2014

    Here in the high desert, rain is not very common throughout the year. However, for about three months every year, we welcome the monsoon season.  Unfortunately, the common dryness that we experience alomst year round can cause homewoners to become apathetic in havning roof maintnence done.  By putting off the maintnence, leaks having a funny way of making themselves seen when the rain does fall...even if it is once in a blue. moon.

     Below is a guide to finding leaks and what do when you encounter them. 

    Wait...where did the little brown stain on the ceiling come from? Is that a subtle dripping noise from overhead? The possibility of a leaking roof is enough to strike terror in the hearts of most homeowners. But trying to track down an elusive roof leak can be complicated by several factors:

    1. Leaks start slowly. Early on, they won’t usually penetrate into the living space of the house. As Pat Dolan of Countryside Roofing in Chicago notes, this is one of the most frustrating problems with trying to locate a roof leak. “Over time the roof will obviously deteriorate, but in early stages, it’s more difficult to detect leaks,” says Pat. “People often ask, ‘Should I check for leaks on rainy days?’ Well, if the leak is really bad, you’ll notice it during a hard rain, but some leaks can be present that aren’t evident during rains—they have not hit the level of severity that would show during a hard rain.”

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