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    August 06, 2014

    Century 21 swept all four JD Power Awards ranking highest in overall customer satisfaction that covered first-time home buyers/sellers & repeat home buyers/sellers. When it comes time to choose real estate representation, call on Century 21 APD Associates to help you with your needs!

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  • Shower glass dirty? There is a cheaper solution than replacing it!

    June 25, 2013

    So you don’t have a lot of extra cash to remodel the kitchen or the bathrooms or redo the landscaping for great curb appeal.  What’s the most important thing you can do on a tight budget to make your house show worthy and market ready?

    CLEAN IT! 

    But this isn’t just your regular sweeping and picking up.  To help your property show in its best light and bring you the most return on your investment, you need to give it a good, deep cleaning in places that may have gone neglected for a while.  For example, that glass on your shower door that has collected mineral deposits from the hard water we have in El Paso needs to sparkle like new!  You could spend the money and replace it, but unless you know the trick to getting off the grime it will quickly get dirty again.  And what if you don’t have the money to replace it?

    Try this cheap and easy cleaning solution:  mix equal parts blue Dawn dish soap and white vinegar in a clean spray bottle.  You’re going to need to heat the vinegar in the microwave for a few seconds in order to encourage them to mix.  Only make enough for what you will use right away—this won’t save because the ingredients will separate again over time.  Shake it up and then spray it over your glass door.  The mixture should be thick enough to cling to the surface.  Leave for a few minutes and then wipe down.  You will be amazed at how easily the hard water deposits come off your glass.  *Caution: be careful when you do this as the mixture can create slippery conditions on the floor tile and make sure you rinse off all of the soap before using the shower again.

    You can use plain white vinegar for all of your glass and mirror surfaces.  Pour some white vinegar on a t-shirt rag or dishcloth.  Wipe the mirror or glass surface with that hand, and quickly wipe it off with a clean towel in your other hand.  This method doesn’t leave streaks, and the vinegar smell dissipates after a few seconds.  Added bonus:  vinegar is great for killing germs, mold and bacteria, and it is very inexpensive!

    --The APDetails